Fall 2016 Letter to the Membership:

With great excitement, humility and respect, I accepted the position of president of our organization at the annual general membership meeting held on October 8th, 2016 in Robstown, TX at the Buccaneer Classic weekend.  I promise to be available to the membership if and when you need me during my term, to be sensitive to your questions or concerns and to resolve issues in a timely manner.

I am excited to serve you alongside the board of directors and officers.  I have served with each and every one of them in other capacities and know them to be good men of high moral and ethical standards.

I am humbled by the confidence you have placed in me and will put the association’s interests above all in our endeavors.  Each of our members are important and deserve the respect we all expect.

New this coming year, we are revamping the “Rose Classic Sale” in February.  Changing the name to the “San Antonio International Beefmaster Subasta” (Auction) and the name is not the only thing changing.
We have taken on the Live Oak association as a partner in a joint-venture for this year and are pulling out all the stops to make this event one to remember.  Make plans to attend if you haven’t already, it’s going to be HUGE!!! Party-time, big prize money, great cattle (I mean really great, not your daddy’s old herd).

Houston will be right around the corner in March and we all know what an impact the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has on our Beefmaster business across the country and the globe.  I hope you are planning to be there and represent STBBA and the Beefmaster Nation.

Once again, get your consignments planned out for the year and then plan on attending all of our events.  Get to know all of our members, make some new friends and then get involved, WE NEED YOU!


JC Thompson







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